Supermarket Wire Mesh Racking Shelves

Supermarket racking shelves are made of hot dipped galvanized steel wire welded structures. Wire mesh shelves can be galvanized steel wire decking or welded. A lot of store owners prefer it because of its durability and efficiency. It has varying height, size, width, as well as color, and because of that it can definitely add charm to a store. Depending on the unit, the galvanized metal shelving for supermarket can comprise of one or two sides. Either way, the products are displayed effectively, making the consumers buy more.

It is made for displaying different types of merchandise such as garments, books, toys, accessories, and many others. Hot dipped galvanized steel pallet rack style shelve is known for its durability as well as stylish looks. Supermarket wire shelving can bring more profit to the retailers because it adds great ambiance, making the customers feel at ease when buying in that particular store. Furthermore, it does not take too much space, and this will allow the consumers to move freely and look at different products. They will not have a hard time going from aisle to aisle in order to check out the items in the shelf, and they will definitely come back to the store to shop. Aside from that, they will tell their friends how great it is shopping in that particular store, word will get around, and this is a great form of free advertisement for the retailer.

Our low maintenance, galvanized steel racks withstands harsh environments, resists chemicals, rust and corrosion. Open 2x4" mesh promotes air flow and quick inventory checks. We also offer 6-gauge wire with 14-gauge channels. Decking will only work on 36", 42", or 48" deep pallet rack with 1-1/2" to 1-5/8" step beams with a minimum -3/4" wide ledge.

Supermarket Rack Shelving has following properties:
1, Applicable for manual selection and storing goods.
2, Holding and welding process are very mature, and stucture is very sound.
3, Pentiful accessories can expand various functions.
4, Convenient to assemble and dismount.
5, Bearing weight of single layer: 100-120kgs.
6, Surface treatment: Epoxy resin static powder painting.

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