Wire Decking: From Deyoma Wire Decking Factory

Wire decking is for making of pallet rack and makes the most popular selective wire rack parts. Wire deck pallet rack has greater structural strength than other materials, when used to load boxes or other non-palletized load onto racks.

Where is Wire Decking Used: They are used to handle loads that aren't deep enough to sit on uprights and to eliminate dust and debris inherent.

Wire Decking Features:

Wire decking is easy for installation and maintenance.
Wire decking can meet all local fine and safety codes.
Wire mesh decking improves visibilty throghtout the facility.
Made of galvanized welded panels, wire decking has good rust resistance.
Wire decking can be supplied in all size and style availble.
Custom designs of wire decking are acceptable.

Typical Sizes of Wire Decking:

Size(Inch) Wire Size (INCH) Wire Guage(MM) Total Weight(KG)
36*46 2.5*4.5 5.5 8.8
5.26 8.33
42*46 2.5*4.5 5.5 11.44
5.26 10.91
44*46 2.5*4.5 5.5 11.94
5.26 11.39
48*46 2.5*4.5 5.5 12.99
5.26 12.39
36*52 2.5*4.5 5.5 9.24
5.26 8.73
42*52 2.5*4.5 5.5 11.93
5.26 11.35
44*52 2.5*4.5 5.5 12.45
5.26 11.86
48*52 2.5*4.5 5.5 13.55
5.26 12.9

Deyoma Wire Decking Factoy is specially involved in fabricating of wire decking for racks, partitions and railings. Deyoma Wire Decking is made of steel wire, galvanized wire and welded wire mesh panels.

Decking Products:
Wire Decking
Wire Rack Decking for Storage
Steel Wire Decking

Galvanized Wire Decking
Welded Wire Decking

Wire Mesh Deck
Wire Deck Partition
Wire Deck Railing


Wire Decking Display rack


5 Layers

Wire mesh opening:3mm *5mm

Base:Iron pipe

Surface treatment: Powder Coated or Chrome/zinc plated

Different size are available


Wire Decking for Safety Grating

Made of perforated metal or expanded metals, or welded bar gratings.

Perforated metal is one of the important metal materials for building of safe deck guards and gratings. Made of stainless steel perforated metal or galvanized steel sheets, the gratings can ensure the most strength and safety for the walking people.

We offer you one of the most varied and comprehensive ranges of safety grating products for more industrial safety and the architectural solutions.

Safe deck gratings are on safe ground-indoors as well as outdoors, such as industrial steps, stairways, catwalks, access steps and tread plates for commercial vehicles and machinery.

With a range of different pattern types, safe deck gratings can also be made of expanded metal sheets suitable for bare feet to the classical safety grating for universal use on floor surfaces you're sure to find one which suits your application.

Our safe deck gratings are also available as flat gratings without the folded edges. We also produce non-standard sizes for special applications.



Features :
1 ) Keep necessities within reach while maximizing overhead space with the innovative hyloft junior ceiling mounted shelf
2 ) Ideal in a laundry room, kitchen, closet or pantry, the patented storage design is created especially to hang from the ceiling
3 ) It is forged of powder-coated steel and easily adjusts in height from 16\" to 28\", letting you truly customize your storage area.
4 ) Assembly and ceiling attachment takes just minutes.
5 ) 36 L x 36 W

1) Wire diameter: 3mm, 6mm, 8mm
2) Material: stainless steel (304)
3) Others: as per customers' orders



Wire decking satisfies 50% open fire codes. 2 x 4 x 4 gauge wire. Flat wire deck shelf surface, with waterfall front and rear. Notched corners accommodate angle posts. Galvanized rust-resistant finish.

Strong 5/8" thick composition board is made of very small pieces of wood bonded together with resin. FOB Shipping Point.



Pallet Rack Wire Decking - Wire Deck for Racks
Provides greater structural strength and easy visibility

Wire decking has 3 or four channels

Wire Pallet Rack Deck is the best decking option
Wire decking is a great add-on for your pallet rack. It is economical for new installations and for upgrading your current rack system. Decking provides greater structural strength than other materials though and durable wire construction with underlying metal supports. It offers easy visibility for rack content inspections, and it meets fire safety codes. Decking eliminates dust and debris build-up and improve air circulation. It meets ANSI MH-26.2 standards. When compared to planks, boards or other potential rack decking solutions, wire decking outperforms them all for safety, ease of use, aesthetics, and capacity.

Wire Rack Decking Construction & Specifications:
Wire rack decking is constructed from heavy-duty 4-Gauge wire. The spacing between wires is various. Finish: Speckle Gray is standard, with most colors available by special order. Also available are galvanized, zinc coating, and other custom finishes to suit various applications.

Wire decking gives you the opportunity to store un-palletized boxes on a beam level. With open wire mesh construction, water from fire sprinklers can freely flow to lower levels.

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